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Do rabbits make good pets?  You bet they do!

Rabbits are fab pets for all ages.  Old or young, we can all enjoy our rabbits.  They teach children the responsibility of caring for another living creature, yet don’t take up the room or demand the attention that perhaps a dog or a cat would.  Of course, all pets are ultimately in the care of a responsible adult, but the lessons kids learn from looking after rabbits offer an education that only pet care can provide.  However, very small children should never be left alone with a rabbit, simply because they don’t yet understand how a squeeze or a grab can have terrible consequences.


email:    Phone:302 276 8676

Bunnies are what is known as “crepuscular.”  This means they’re most active at the hours of dawn and dusk – exactly when most of us are getting up or have time to spend in the evenings with our pets.


Rabbits have less allergy issues.  Many people who are allergic to cats and dogs, aren’t allergic to bunnies.


Rabbits adore cuddle time.  And let’s face it, who can’t resist the charms of cuddling up to our furry friends.


Rabbits are highly intelligent.  Easily as clever as dogs and cats, rabbits can be trained and can even take part in sports such as rabbit hopping, if you fancy it.


Rabbits have a long lifespan.  Especially compared to some other small pets.  They can live up to 10 or 12 years with the right care and attention.

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